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Beauty and the Beast (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Mp3 by Various Artists

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  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2017-03-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 19

  • ℗ 2017 Walt Disney Records



  • Film music great, pop artists lame

    By Skeus
    I am a musician, music teacher, and composer; these are my thoughts. Alan Menken is fantastic in his compositions. Emma Watson & Kevin Kline are pretty good. Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor are very good. Dan Stevens is fantastic. I LOVE EVERMORE! Josh Groban is meh, Dan Stevens sang Evermore better. John Legend is talented, but was not the right choice for the main theme. Arianna Grande has way too much pop in her voice for this part. No one can ever top Celine & Peabo.
  • Evermore is the BEST!!!!

    By Hdjajdbfksn
    I was very surprised with how well done this soundtrack was. I adored all the new songs and the actors and actresses nailed the original songs. The only reason I have to take off a star is because of the Beauty and the Beast remake. I can not stand Grande's voice because it sounds like she's trying too hard and it just doesn't fit well at all with how this song should've been done. My favorite of the entire thing was Evermore. Stevens did an absolutely phenomenal job. The movie has been out for a week here, I've seen it twice and this song made me sob from the minute he opened his mouth. It also has some of the music from he Beast's song "If I can't love her" from the Broadway show and that made me very emotional. That song was so well done and Josh Groban also did fantastic. That was the greatest! Overall I was very impressed!
  • Stop being critical

    By Emma Lover!
    Emma Watson did a Great job and she is an actress not a singer. Coming out from seeing the movie, I thought that Emma do absolutely amazing!😘 she has been an actress her whole life. The Beasts song was an amazing addition and the other songs were sooo fun! They did a great job!
  • Pretty good

    By Diving girl2
    This album is pretty good. I do not believe that Ariana and John should have done a remake of beauty and the beast. That song is so great, so why? But other than that, this album lived up to my expectations. It was updated, but still had that old classic tone, and the new songs were pretty good additions. I really loved evermore, it was a great addition to the old album. I give it up to Emma Watson, she is not a singer, but she did a great job portraying belle, maybe her singing was a little too digital, but in the end it sounded fine. All in all, this album is just the way it should be.
  • Amazing!

    By Emma L. M
    Loved the movie and the new songs!
  • I came here for one song only, and what a disappointment it was...

    By jonvthvnlee
    (1) Get an actual grand piano instead of that sing-along-sounding keyboard. (2) Either get rid of Ariana Grande and have John Legend do the entire song by himself or swap her for Angela Lansbury (the original Mrs. Potts from the 1991 animated film) (3) Stop casting any and all mondern-day pop artists to do their renditions of the timeless classics that we hold dearly to our hearts. TL;DR: this album had the potential to surpass Guardians of the Galaxy's soundtrack. Disney seriously needs to re-assess their standards.
  • Amazingly wonderful except for the one

    By Ihaveanoldipod
    I'm giving this a four-star because I love ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FILM AND SOUNDTRACK!!! It's really amazing, and if you've seen the movie already then you know that it has stunning visuals. This soundtrack brings back the visuals so that you can imagine them while listening. But I spared a star because of the last "Beauty and the Beast." I liked Grande in Victorious and Sam and Cat, and I respect that she moved on to more adult pop-like things because you can't be a teenage actor forever. And I like John Legend in the pop setting. But I came here for a classic, a soundtrack that will transport me back to when I first saw this movie as a little kid, and the last song ruined it. Pop, stay pop, and classic, stay classic. Please, please, PLEASE do not mix the two. Disney had a nice, old-timely, orchestrative, and nostalgic thing going here, until the beatboxing and electronic schtick at the end. Everything else is wonderful, though. Keep up the good work, Josh Gad! (And yes, I realize that I could just "not listen to that particular song," but I bought the album before watching the movie so I was a bit surprised and wanted to complain about it)
  • Was hoping for better.

    By moaspen
    Maybe it's silly of me, but when making a musical you would think having good, strong singers would be a priority. Belle's voice sounded so fake and computerized that for me it really took away from the experience. I think they should have either had someone sing for Belle or choose an actress that can sing well. I love the song Evermore and I was pleased to see Josh Groban sings it as well. The movie and music were still very enjoyable but it could have been amazing. I wanted the vocals to blow me away as it was a musical. I think I'll stick to the soundtrack from the cartoon.
  • Lovely and attractive! Full Album~💟

    By 080403
    Every one of these one star ratings are just too small-minded. And that's here coming from a middle schooler. Honestly, all of these one star ratings are just basing the whole album off of one song! Beauty and the Beast (Tale as old as Time) was sung absolutely beautifully by Emma Thompson! But every rating is just shaming how they don't like the version with Ariana Grande in it. That's not the original one that plays in the movie! Personally, I saw the new movie yesterday and it was positively gorgeous! Emma Watson was beautiful, as was her singing. Everyone needs to stop complaining about her too! She's not traditionally a professional singer, but I think she nailed the part as Belle! Be Our Guest was definitely my favorite scene and song in the whole movie. All the little tweaks and changes Disney made to the song are so joyfully flamboyant and colorful! I couldn't stop humming it after I walked out of the theatre. But, this isn't supposed to be a review for the movie. I need to get ahold of myself. I don't think Gaston as a song could've been thought of or executed any better than it was here. This version is very realistic to something that could actually happen in this time and place. Don't listen to the one star reviews. You just need to broaden your spectrum of mind. Pretty impressive review coming from an 8th grader, right?
  • Bob

    By ESF#1
    I love it.