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Spirit (Deluxe) Mp3 by Depeche Mode

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  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-03-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ 2017 Venusnote Ltd., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony M


Title Artist Time
Going Backwards Depeche Mode 5:42
Where's the Revolution Depeche Mode 4:59
The Worst Crime Depeche Mode 3:48
Scum Depeche Mode 3:14
You Move Depeche Mode 3:49
Cover Me Depeche Mode 4:51
Eternal Depeche Mode 2:24
Poison Heart Depeche Mode 3:17
So Much Love Depeche Mode 4:29
Poorman Depeche Mode 4:25
No More (This Is the Last Time Depeche Mode 3:13
Fail Depeche Mode 5:07
Cover Me Depeche Mode 4:26
Scum Depeche Mode 5:26
Poison Heart Depeche Mode 4:16
Fail Depeche Mode 5:37
So Much Love Depeche Mode 7:19


  • devolving would be a better title

    By Clemson Moon Dog
    Some groups get better with age and keep evolving their sound. Depeche mode has not. I've been a close fan since the early 80's, and DM's craft ended with "Precious" in my opinion. The lyrics are not catchy, and the music seems all too contrived. The creativity has died.
  • Pretty decent

    By ChaoticCoconut
    I've been a fan of DM for a long time and this album I actually enjoy because of the political undertones. I was disappointed in Delta Machine because it was one big snoozefest. Some songs on Spirit are pretty weak, I do admit, but others are similar to their darker, older songs. I think if they incorporate more synth, like in "You Move," this may be a little better, I think.
  • Whinging

    By Brentshake
    Its a slow sparse album it continues to grow, the spaces when you are older are more important than the loudness. Well done, a teenage sit in the dark and listen album.
  • Because I'm a fan

    By w1n5ton
    DM never lets me down. They are hard wired to my soul and existence. Since Dreaming of me I have been a fan. I don't want them to ever remake violator or black celebration, how selfish that would be of me to want to stifle the creativity of one of my favorite bands. For 30 years! See u Nashville (where I first saw u in 1988)!
  • This is the Depeche Mode I love ....

    By grindhouse66
    Spirit is the best DM album in a long loooooonnnnng time. Love every song on this catchy, angry release. Time to join the revolution.
  • Time to Retire

    By Mr. Pessimist
    I've been DM fans since early 80's. That being said, DM did not released a good album since the "Songs of Faith and Devotion". The trend continues with the "Sprit". What a pile of garbage this is. "The Revolution" sounds exactly like "Corrupt". I could not even finish listening the whole album. It is incoherent pile of notes without any melodies and it is very depressing. If this is the best they could come up in 4 years, I think it is time to retire.
  • Deluxe version remixes are outstanding!

    By SaucyGnomeyGnome
    The general album is great, but the remixes are incredible. If you don't like the lyrics, you're not paying attention to the current environment.
  • Constant Evolution

    By Fachelli1912
    I've been listening to DM all my life, they've been an important part of me. They were joyful and playful in my younger years and have matured like me as they've gotten older. Regardless, their music still inspires me, most people don't appreciate them. It's not just the music, their words very powerful. The more I listen to this album the better it gets. Gracias Depeche Mode por ser parte de mi vida. Fachebucy
  • Angry and Awesome

    By despaina
    This is one of the strongest albums from DM I've heard for a while- the synths are very strong and the melodies are pretty good. If you're an actual DM fan, you'll love it- if you're a poser like some people above, then you're pretending to be a DM fan
  • Poltics

    By Nebula Sound Studio
    Take your ridiculous poltics and shove them. You doing even believe in anything, you just think they will make you relevant or marketable. Depeche Mode has been over for a while. It's done. All you're doing now is making me not like you instead of leaving me to enjoy what you once were. Retire please!